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What underwear are you going to wear today? Easy enough, right? Think again! Feeling good comes from the inside out, literally! 
You're probably thinking, underwear is so essential. Why should I overthink it? Well, underwear serves many purposes, whether you're working, working out, travelling or just lounging around.

Choose to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and feel good. Never second-guess something so essential as underwear. Underwear is good for our health and hygiene and how we go about our day.

So, let me help you discover what underwear is right for you.


Briefs are the most versatile of all the fits. Designed to be slim fit, the brief is your everyday underwear that simply gets the job done. Briefs provide excellent support and are less prone to bunching and rising than other underwear styles like a trunk; they're a perfect choice for men who opt to wear slim pants. Briefs are great for summer, its limited coverage lets your skin breathe and, at the same time and supports you in all the right places. It lifts and shapes everything into place without being restrictive. It offers a more streamlined and slimming fit than the trunks. Tip: if you have large thighs, briefs don't restrict the thigh area like a trunk.



Trunks are a classic for all men. Designed to be relaxed, trunks are great for men with apple-shaped figures. Thick waistlines and an ample butt require something a little more substantial to hold everything together. Trunks are more relaxed than briefs, and they offer full coverage with their longer leg that evens out your shape for that streamlined silhouette. Trunks will also reduce issues such as chaffing by stopping your legs from rubbing against each other. If you're using it during sports, you should opt for a longer Trunk. It doesn't just prevent it from riding up but also reduces the chaffing area. It is excellent for runners, cyclers and just working out in general. 



Jockstraps are best for fit and muscular bodies.

When we think of jockstraps, we think exotic and sensual. However, did you know jockstraps are actually made for athletes? Jockstraps are designed for mobility and breathability, especially when working out. The jockstrap offers support for your pouch by lifting it away from your body so that there's less sweat, irritation and friction. Plus, it's exceptionally light, fresh, comfortable, and the straps also provide extra lift for your glutes, making it a great every day looking and feeling underwear.



Thongs are also great for fit bodies and if you have a great butt, show it off. The truth is that thongs are just as comfortable, if not more so than a standard pair of trunks or briefs. They are lightweight, highly breathable, and offer considerably less fabric to get in your way or bunch up. Thongs are great for men who want to show off all the hard work they've been putting into that summer body. The thong will make you look more prominent because of the contrast of the material to skin ratio. Plus, thongs are great for tight trousers as they don't bunch up and show underwear lines, and they're form-fitting, so you can wear them under anything you like. On special occasions, they are definitely a head-turner.



For extra comfort and boost, look for underwear with pouch support like our CURV Tech or XCURV. It won't just offer an ergonomically designed frame for your pouch but also give you contactless support and boost for your boys.

The cup support also helps push your boys away from your body, reducing heat down there.