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The thing for us is that we don’t particularly like thinking about my own underwear because something so essential doesn’t need to be overthought. There are many different ways of overcoming this particular type of blindness. If you don’t think about your own underwear: you should. Feeling good comes from the inside out! Choose to wear something that you think makes you feel comfortable. Never second-guess something so elemental as underwear. We need to know our package is secure and don’t want to be uncomfortable with it


Underwear at its finest, the brief is underwear that does not cater to a specific type of lifestyle, it is an everyday piece that gets the job done. The obvious difference is that the brief does not cover the thigh-length so you might feel colder during the cooler months or if wearing shorts which is an advantage in the summer.


Trunks add thigh length to your legs so that there is no irritation or chafing. The otherwise known as “boxer-brief” the trunk overall is a more popular option for most active guys with the popular vote for comfort. The added material gives room for vivacious designs and patterns that are pleasing to the wearer.


The jockstrap sounds somewhat exotic and sensual but the reason behind it is far from that. Keeping your package covered and hidden, the jockstrap is perfect for strenuous or constant physical activity. If you train constantly the material make-up and feel is important for those using a pair. Suggestion? Try the SUPANOVA Hazard jockstrap, there is something there you might like.